Welcome to Singular Paths!

Communicating purely in writing leaves me outside my comfort zone. I much prefer the richness of a face-to-face conversation with all the nuance of intonation and gestures, being able to see what is confusing and adapt. I thrive in private conversation. But that limits who and how many people I can speak to and learn from.

Talking publicly like this also feels arrogant. I know I always have more to learn. Who am I to expect anyone to listen to me? Being told I'm wrong is fine - indeed that's the best way to learn! But when I assert something wrong publicly, who might I mislead before I'm corrected? Yet it's silly to worry about being another person wrong on the internet.

So writing this blog is a big leap for me. It scares me. That itself is a reason to do this, to grow.

I'm ultimately writing to better myself and to understand the world. I'll write my thoughts on whatever topics interest me. They'll often be wrong, or at least an incomplete understanding. Please challenge me, and I hope we can all learn more together.